The first stanza which states the central premise to be elaborated in the rest of the poem contains the following ideas:

  1. Andal praises the day (NANNAL)that has appeared of its own accord for the observance of the vow.What it means is that for a soul,that day is the Good Day when he understands all about himself and God and their mutual relationship of Lord and Servant which is stated in the Tirumantram.
  2. The fruit in getting one's body is for serving the Lord here and hereafter (NEERADA PODUVIR)
  3. All those who have a longing for the service of the Lord are qualified to join her.(PODUVIR PODUMINO)
  4. She speaks of the radiance that attended on the face of her companions on hearing her requisition.(MADI NIRAINDA ;the moon is not in the sky alone!)
  5. The prosperity of Gokula consists of Sri Krishna's amiable pranks in stealing butter and girls; i.e.,the wealth of a Sri Vaishnava consists of his intoxicating love for and enjoyment of Lord's company.
  6. Nandagopa's vigilance in guarding Krishna with his very sharp spear in hand symbolises the "ASTHANE BHAYA-SANKA" and "MANGALASASANA-PARATA" which characterises a SriVaishnava.
  7. Yasoda's over-indulgence of Krishna is responsible for all his pranks and misbehaviour towards the young gopis.
  8. SrimanNarayana is the SOLE MEANS of attaining His Feet. This strikes the keynote of the Song Divine-TIRUPPAVAI. NARAYANANE (Upaya Swarupam) NAMAKKE (Adhikari Swarupam) PARAI (Phala Swarupam) TARUVAN.The safest means of securing Him is not Karma yoga etc but His Grace only. That is the sum and substance of this verse.