There are two addresses in the vocative case in this
        ARUN KALAME! - both bring out the excellences of this
        gopi and thereby imply the excellent characteristics
        of good Sri Vaishnavas.
        1. SUVARGAM here means only union with God.
        Sita says,while pressing Rama to take her with
        Him to the forest," If I am with you that is heaven for            
        me.Separation from you means hell." The girl here has
        completed all her rites by surrendering to the Lord and
        hence is enjoying His company.So also for a Sri Vaishnava
        there remains nothing to be done by way of" Upaaya" after
        accepting Him as the sole refuge(SARANAGATI).
        2.ARUNKALAME! "Kalam" has two meanings (a) vessel and 
        (b) ornament; A Sri Vaishnava is the vessel to contain
        His Grace.A Sri Vaishnava possesses superior ornaments in 
        the form of virtues;or he himself is the best ornament
        embellishing the gatherings of other Sri Vaishnavas.
       SUVARGA can also be broken up into SU+VARGA (SU=good
       VARGA=gathering).If a man possesses all good qualities
       he will be taken into the fold of Sri Vaishnavites.
       (Ref to PERIYAZHWAR TIRUMOZHI 3.6.11 - Saadu kottiyul
       kolla ppaduvare.)