This gopi is the sister of a cowherd who,unlike the
         duty-conscious one in the previous verse,totally
         neglects the daily duty of milking the young she-
         buffalo so as to be close to Krishna and serving Him.
         He is called NAR SELVAN ; thereby indicating that for
         a Srivaishnava it is not the doing or neglect of
         Nitya Karma which helps attaining salvation,but it
         is God alone who is the Means for salvation.For example
         for a temple priest who is always engaged in Antaranga
         Kainkarya there may be neglect of his daily duties;
         this would however not be considered as sin .
         MANATTUKKU INIYAN- Sri Rama,unlike Krishna brings joy
         to the minds of his devotees as well as adversaries.
         This is said by Andal,the very personification ofthe
         Love for Sri Krishna,and hence is the richest tribute
         paid to Sri Rama.It might be recalled that she,in
         NACHIYAR TIRUMOZHI goes to the extent of blaming Yashoda
         for bringing up Krishna to be a very bad boy.(Vembeyaaga
         valarthaale).It is not such an extraordinary thing or a
         great wonder if Sri Rama is loved by His devotees and
         subjects;but when even Ravana is fascinated by His
         valour,it makes the derivation of His name apt
         (Ranjaneeyasya Vikramaih).
         SINATTINAAL - out of anger but without hatred.Rama had
         no hatred towards Ravana.Actually He wanted Ravana as
         a devotee;it was Ravana's own hatred which caused his
         downfall.It was only when he tried attack Hanuman that
         Rama became furious and showered arrows on Ravana
         (kopasya Vasameyivaan).So He is always ready to forgive
         sins against Himself but not against His devotees.