A girl with bewitching eyes (PODARI KKANNINAAY) is
         woken up in this verse.She is of the view that Krishna
         will come to her fascinated by the beauty of her eyes.
         To add to this she is lying,brooding over Krishna's
         heroic exploits,in the bed formerly shared with Him
         and which still retains His fragrance.
         The statement in the previous verse that Sri Rama
         scored over Krishna in being "MANATHUKKU INIYAAN"
         created a sort of mutiny among the girls,some of
         whom disputed this by saying,"how can Rama be said to
         be the receptacle of all the virtues? Did He,like
         Krishna who acted as Pandavaduta,go as messenger for
         anyone?Didn't Krishna's charms allure even the sages?
         Even His mischievous pranks are meant for us only.
         Moreover Krishna is our husband and irrespective of
         how he treats us,it is not proper for us to praise
         another as being greater."
         Some mediators intervened and pointed out that both
         are the same Sriman Narayana,and so where is the
         cause for dispute.Thus reconciled the girls split
         into two halves each praising the glory of Krishna
         and Rama.This is the excellence of this verse.