A gopi who is an expert orator and who is also chief
         among these girls is woken up.She had promised that
         she would get up before the rest and wake them up.
         She has conveniently forgotten all about it and is
         sleeping comfortably and peacefully.This is an unpardonable
         crime.But still her inclusion in the group is
         most essential as,with her silver tongue,she can
         easily subdue Krishna.Moreover it is essential that
         not a single girl loses His grace.If she were to sing
         of Krishna as He appears bearing the discus and conch
         He is sure to relent.
         Incidentally Andal tells us, " Use your tongue not
         merely for tasting delicious dishes,but for singing
         about the Lotus-eyed One.That was the main purpose
         for which it was gifted to you in the first place
         by God."