Having entered Nandagopala's palace with the permission
        of the guards,the Gopis (Andal) wake up Nandagopa,yashoda,
        Krishna and Balarama,panegyrising their greatness.
        Nanda has placed his bed near the entrance for fear that
        the gopis,like Usha in the case of Aniruddha,may steal
        Krishna;especially as Krishna is more handsome than His
        grandson! Andal glorifies Nanda as a munificent donor of
        clothes,water and food; but we do not come across any such
        reference elsewhere.The commentator says:"As Krishna was
        seen  giving clothes to Draupadi to save her modesty;water
        to the chariot horses at Kurukshetra;and food to his
        boyhood companions in the forest - it could be presumed
        that his qualities were inherited from His father."
        But the gopis are not here for these items; they need only
        Krishna (VAASUDEVAH SARVAM).Yashoda gave birth to Krishna
        only to make Him their husband; and being a woman she
        knows their plight.So they next wake her up.
        Sri Krishna in his past incarnation as Trivikrama had
        obtained Indra's kingdom for him.But the gopis do not
        want Him to do any such thing for them.It is enough
        if He allows them to do service to Him.Krishna does
        not respond.
        Realising their mistake in not approaching Him through
        Balarama,they do so now and ask him to help them as he
        had once done in the case of the gopis separated from
        Krishna when He went to Mathura.