A chola king who was constructing one of the ramparts
        of the temple at Sri Rangam found that the beautiful
        circular design was being spoilt by the house of a disciple
        of KURATTAAZHWAN called PILLAI PILLAI AZHWAN,and ordered
        it to be demolished.Sri PARASARA BHATTAR adviced him against
        it explaining that it it is not his rampart but the
        mangalasaasana (PALLAANDU) of the  devotees which would
        ensure safety to the Lord; and also that demolishing the
        house of a SriVaishnava would be sure to bring down the
        wrath of God.But the king turned a deaf ear to this advice,
        and becoming furious caused trouble to Sri BHATTAR,as a
        result of which he had to leave for Tirukkoshtiyur.While
        he was suffering the grief of separation from Sri Rangam
        and the Lord,his disciple  NANJEEYAR requested him to
        compose a song in praise of ANDAL to mitigate his feeling
        of sorrow.There appeared from his lips the 'taniyan'
        "NEELA TUNGA etc",which is the essence of the present
        paasuram (KUTTU VILAKKU).
        NAPPINNAI is lying on the costly couch along with Krishna.
        The cot stands on four ivory bases,the ivory for which was
        obtained by Krishna by his valorous act of plucking the 
        four tusks from the murderous mighty elephant Kuvalayapida.
        Being the wife of a great hero she cannot get sleep anywhere
        else except on such a cot.The references to the various
        kinds of pleasures in this stanza is a suggestion by Andal
        that all gopis should get them in Sri Krishna's company
        and only for that reason Nappinnai is keeping company
        with Him."If you don't ensure this,you surely don't have
        mercy," Andal rebukes Nappinnai.