At her cordial invitation a huge crowd gathered and the
         wonder-struck ANDAL exclaims,"in this ignorance-spreading
         world,are there so many interested in Emancipation!".She
         proceeds to prescribe "dos" and "don'ts"( which actually
         are the SAMBHAVITA SWABHAVA,the natural characteristics
         of the Adhikari).
         While we appear to be performing this vow for getting
         rain,in reality it is different.She stresses the words
         "NAMUM NAM Pavaikku"- NAMUM- WE are quite different 
         from others; we long for His company and firmly believe
         that He alone is the Means for achieving it. NAM Pavai-
         Indrajit did a malefic rite to put an end to Rama;but
         OUR beneficent rite is for securing Lord's and His
         World's prosperity and happiness.
         The SriVaishnavite Code of Conduct as prescribed by
         her is as follows:
         Recite the Samskrita and Dravida Veda which sings the
         glory of the Feet of the Lord reclining on the Serpent
         in the Milky Ocean,all the while thinking about one's
         Eschew all carnal and even worldly desires like eating
         ghee,drinking milk etc.
         Bathe early in the morning.Don't adorn your eyes with 
         collyrium,or your hair with flowers till the completion 
         of the vow;meaning thereby that a SriVaishnava needs
         decoration etc only when he is in union with the Lord.
         Never indulge in an act which was not practised by our
         righteous minded ancestors.Bharata refused the kingship
         though granted by his father and permitted by Rama
         on the grounds that the tradition of Solar Kings did
         not permit a younger son to rule when the elder was
         A SriVaishnava should not speak ill of others or
         even think about it (which is tantamount to reporting
         it to the God inside the heart,thereby ensuring their
         fall);Sita never uttered a word to Rama about the
         illtreatment by the Rakshasis.
         He should ever be ready to do charity and impart
         knowledge about God to all those who need it.
         In short he should constantly be thinking about his
         upliftment and keep his mind filled with peace and