Despite the rebuke, NAPPINNAI was moved to pity by the
        wailing of the Gopis and getting up approached the door
        to open it.Krishna thought," Nappinnai thinks that my devotees
        are her own just as I consider hers to be mine.Hence
        she should not open the door and get a good name ,leaving
        me out.It is I who should open it." So He came from 
        behind and lifting her up bodily threw her on the bed
        with Him.But the mutual touch was so pleasant to them
        that they promptly forgot all about themselves and the 
        poor Gopis.
        The inner meaning of this high drama,as given by the
        commentator is that there is a Divine Couple who are
        vying with each other to look after the welfare of all
        of us (souls).Hence we have no cause for concern at all.
        All we have to do is to accept their protection.
        Andal says to Sri Krishna in this stanza: "You have on
        several occasions in the past dispelled fear from the
        minds of the Devas and rescued them from the Asuras.
        Now by delaying in granting our boon you are going to
        lose all that hard-earned reputation as a saviour.Note
        also that we are not asking you to become the target
        of the weapons of a Hiranya or a Ravana.We merely want
        to see you get up from your bed and grant us the boon
        of serving you.We are ANANYA PRAYOJANA ADHIKARIs.