NAPPINNAI opened the door and told the Gopis: "Know
          that I am one amongst you.Don't think I was keeping
          mum.I was just waiting for an opportunity to advocate
          your cause to the Lord.I will certainly accomplish 
          your end."
          So she joins them.The Gopis now eulogise the Lord:
          "Your father Nanda's prosperity is immeasurable;his
          cattle-wealth is endless.It is sufficient if you
          understand our distress."
          The phrases UTTRAMUDAYAAY etc have double meanings:
          UTTRAMUDAYAAY - 1) You are perfectly described in a
          holy Scripture called Veda,which is unshakable,is
          not of known authorship,permanent,flawless and is
          an Authority by itself. 2)You have a very strong
          determination not to abandon those who
          surrender to you(as you exhibited in the case of
          PERIYAAY- 1)Even those Vedas cannot fully describe 
          you as you possess an indescribable greatness.2)
          Even after doing everything for your devotees you
          think you have done nothing for them;and that what 
          you did  was your own personal work.This is your
          ULAGINIL TOTRAMAAY etc.. 1)Vedas are rendered trust-
          worthy by your incarnations as Rama,Krishna etc.
          You have shown your form even to the lowliest among
          the low in this world. 2)You have a predilection for
          your devotees;you show this by going as messenger for
          the Pandavas and acting as charioteer for Arjuna.So
          much so that your 'Aasrita-Pakshapaata' (undue predilection
          towards devotees) became evident even to enemies
          like Duryodhana and Sisupala.
          SUDARE -1)while the lustre of all the souls who take
          birth due to their good and bad deeds gets dimmer with
          each birth,your lustre (SUDAR) gets enhanced each time, as 
          your births are out of your Mercy (Kripa) for the distressed
          souls.2)By willingly subjecting yourself to slavery in
          respect of your devotees you enhance the lustre of your