Sri Krishna enquires with the Gopis the reason for
        their visit; and they reply:
        O Lord! even though you know very well that we have
        approached you as refugees,having no one else to give
        us protection,you have not condescended to cast your
        nectarine glances on us.We are born of a family (of
        Azhwars) whose constant prayer is for your Grace and
        that you you should talk to them by moving your coral-
        like lips.We,like vanquished arrogant kings,have cast
        aside our ego and assembled under your bedstead in
        search of refuge.Our sole ambition is to be the target
        of your merciful eyes.Your enquiry regarding the purpose
        of our visit appears to be a new practice in your
        relations with us.Know that we,who should be always
        united with you,are today pining in separation.This
        situation,which appears to be due to some curse,can
        be modified only by your nectarine glance.It is only
        for this cool look that we have come to you and not
        for any other favour.So open your eyes slowly and
        steadily look at us."
        This is the very pathetic but gentle and sweet prayer
        of ANDAL to Sri Krishna which would melt even an
        adamantine heart.
        NOTE: Each limb of the Almighty is capable of nullifying
        the evil effect of a curse as can be seen in these cases:
        1.HIS FEET -Ahalya's curse by her husband
        2.HIS KNEES- Nala Kubara and Manigriva ,sons of Kubera
                     transformed into joined trees.
        3.HIS THIGHS - Madhu and Kaitabha who were crushed to
                       death by them
        4.HIS CHEST - Durvasa's curse on Indra,removed by Sridevi
                      who resides in His bosom
        5. Now HIS EYES -curse of separation in the case of ANDAL