Sri Krishna felt sad on hearing this pathetic appeal from
        the Gopis who had come as refugees,when they were attendants
        of Nappinnai.He also recollected two similar incidents in His
        previous birth as Rama: 1)The Dandaka forest sages came and
        exhibited their bodies mutilated by the demons;and He had
        to apologise for His tardiness 2) When Vibhishana came to
        Him,He thought He alone was responsible for all the
        humiliations he had suffered at Ravana's hands.
        When this is His behaviour towards even men,what then to
        speak of women!So Sri Krishna consoled them and promised
        to do whatever they wanted.They request Him to stir out
        of His bedchamber with all splendour and grandeur.They
        had seen His sleeping posture,but now they want to see
        His grand gait as well as His sitting posture on His
        royal throne.(Ninravarum Irundavarum Kidandavarum).
        "Like a lion sleeping with a lioness in a mountain cave
        during the rainy season,you sleep with Nappinnai,being
        a jewel for Her bosom.Now O Lord,Awake and stride out".
        Krishna asked: " Do you want me to appear before you like
        Gopis replied : "We merely gave the simile of the lion
        to stress the fact that your greatness is natural to
        you,just as a lion cub even at birth is the king of
        the jungle and doesn't need any coronation.Further
        it is like calling you POOVAI PPOO VANNA when this
        comparison of your supreme bodily complexion to this
        flower's is unworthy and highly improper."
        UN KOYIL is noteworthy.In the 16th verse the Gopis said
        "NANDAGOPAN KOYIL" (Nanda's mansion).Now they say "Krishna's
        mansion".Strictly speaking to whom does it belong ? It
        belongs to both; just like the Hridaya Kamalam (heart of
        man) where both the soul and God reside;or like
        AZHWAR TIRUNAGARI which belongs to both Saint NAMMAZHWAR
        and the deity POLINDU NINRA BIRAAN.