Lord Krishna: "O Gopis! your words are selfcontradictory.
       You say you have come for getting materials for the NONBU,and
       in the same breath that it is for enjoying my company.
       Those who desire my company need to eschew all other
       desires.Moreover what is this vow you mention? who has
       prescribed it and what are the accessories needed?"
       Gopis - "The cowherds proposed this vow.As it came in handy
       to see your face and sing your glory and as it is in no way
       opposed to our primary purpose of enjoying your company we
       readily responded.We do it also to express our gratitude
       towards these cowherds who have brought about our union
       under this pretext.
       "Although there is no direct Vedic injunction ,we do it
       because our ancestors have done it (Melayaar seyvanagal).
       We give more importance to the practices of our very
       learned ancestors,than to any other injunctions."
       Age old customs,traditions and practices of our Acharyas
       are to be respected and observed with great care - is
       the message of Andal in this paasuram.By enumerating all
       the accessories for the Nonbu,Andal is actually speaking
       about SAAMYAAPATTI- where the delivered soul gets emblems
       similar to the Lord's in Sri Vaikuntha; and the warm welcome
       it receives there after casting off this human mantle.
       MAALE -depicts the LORD's excessive,boundless and unlimited loving 
       care and affection for the soul.It is the meaning of MAAM
       in Geeta Charama Sloka.
       AALINILAYAAY -mentioning His immeasurable and most wonderful
       prowess brings out the sense of AHAM in the same sloka.
       MAAM shows His SOULABHYA (accessability) and AHAM His