In this verse ANDAL wishes for rain and consequential
         prosperity for the whole world as the world is the
         property of her Lord.So who is a Sri Vaishnava ? It
         is he who while being detached with reference to the
         riches of the world,is at the same time aspiring for
         them considering them as his Lord's riches.Hence all
         Sri Vaishnavas after daily prayer recite the verse
         which says "Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavantu" every one
         should be happy.
         Andal tells the girls,"If we,girls,recite the NAME of
         the Lord who measured the entire universe with his
         three steps and observe this vow then the whole world
         will become prosperous."
         Note the text which says "Uthaman PER"(his NAME).She
         could have simply said "if we sing the glory of the
         Lord." But she says instead, the NAME of the Lord.
         Which means that the NAME OF THE LORD (the Tiru
         Ashtakshara Mantra,the Eight-Syllabled one) is more
         efficacious than the Lord Himself.When,in the court
         hall of Duryodhana,Draupadi was being disrobed by
         Dussaasana,it was only the NAME "Govinda" which
         saved her modesty while the Lord failed her.
         But we Prapannas (Surrenderers) seek salvation only
         from Him.The Mantra is only for understanding the true
         nature of the Soul,Lord,and the mutual relationship; 
         it is essentially to promote the ARTHA PANCHAKA knowledge.
         NEENGATHA Selvam - we see that riches do not remain for
         long with any man; then what does NEENGATHA mean ? It
         refers to the Moksha Aiswarya,Service of God,obtained
         through the recommendation of Sri Mahalakshmi.