Those who study this Tiruppavai are forever acceptable to
         Sri Mahalakshmi and Sriman Narayana - this is the gist of
         this stanza.In days of yore,in Dwaapara Yuga,Gopis actually
         performed this Nonbu.Later on Sri andal imitated them in 
         her heart.Both Gopis and Andal got the service of the Lord.
         So also even without performing the rite or imitating it,
         just by chanting this Divya Prabandha,people will get the
         same fruit (Kainkarya).Sri PARASARA BHATTAR said,"Just as the
         mother cow gives milk even in the presence of its dead and
         stuffed calf (TOL KANRUKKUM IRANGUMAPOLE) so also the Lord
         will bless us even though we are absolutely devoid of the
         supreme devotion of Andal,merely because we are repeating
         her words."
         Gopis had surrendered themselves to Sri Krishna;but their
         Saranaagati would gain fruit only through the PURUSHAKAARA
         (recommendation) of Sri Mahalakshmi.The Lord had churned
         the Milky Ocean to get her; and so the Gopis begin by chanting
         that herculean effort of the Lord.VANGAKKADAL was churned
         only to get Sri Devi who had remained hidden there.Thus
         He became MAA(Lakshmi's)-DHAVA(husband).In stanza 2 Andal said
         ADI PAADI- singing the glory of His Feet; here in 30 she
         says KESAVANAI -of Him who has fascinating locks of hair.
         Thus she enjoys the Lord's Form from His Holy Feet to His
         Head (Aa paada choodam).
         The meaning of the POORVA KHANDA (first half) of the DVAYA
         Mantra is implied in this first line.
         The word "SRIMAT" (He who is ever in the company of SRI) in
         DVAYA mantra is represented here by MAADAHAVANAI.
         " NARAYANA" in DVAYA means He who has the noble qualities
         These are brought out in the present paasuram as under:
         1.KADAL KADAINDA -Lord Vishnu ,turning a blind eye (Kaanaa-
         kkannittu) towards the blemishes of all the gods and demons,
         churned the ocean to get them nectar;this is VAATSALYA.
         2.He established His Supremacy by managing the entire
         operation single-handedly; this is SWAAMITVA.
         3.He even worked in cooperation with worst criminals -
         the lowliest of the lowly; this is SAUSHILYA.
         4.He took the guise of a charming cherub and personally
         distributed the nectar;this is SAULABHYA.
         5.He had the requisite knowledge,the know-how to churn
         the ocean; this is GNAANA.
         6.And He had the required strength to complete the task
         up to the end; this is SHAKTI.
         KESAVANAI- By referring to the locks of hair, His Form is
         implied; that is the meaning of "CHARANAU" in the DVAYA.
         Those who recite the Tiruppavai paasurams are sure to be
         blessed by Him.They will get everything here and finally
         attain Salvation.Sri PARASARA BHATTAR used to say,"every
         one should every morning recite all the 30 verses;or at
         least the 29th one-SITTAM SIRUKALE; if he finds even that
         difficult, he should at least bring to his mind how much
         exquisite joy WE added to our days and nights through  
         chanting,understanding,discussing and in fact living
         with these Divine Verses (Naam irunda iruppai ninaippadu)."
         Those who thus take refuge unto Him will serve Him for
         ever and ever;no rebirth for them.Let us also chant these
         sweet songs and make our mother SRI GODA DEVI's appearance
         in this world useful and purposeful.