The Presiding Deity of Rain was keenly observing the
          happenings in this world.He saw his master Sriman
          Narayana serving all the gopis.So he thought that
          taking orders from the gopis and carrying out their
          commands was the best and easiest means of pleasing
          his master.So approaching Andal who was in the guise
          of a gopi he requests her to command him;and she
          does so in a detailed manner in this verse.
          The inner significance is as follows:Just as the
          heir apparent to the throne is always feared and 
          respected by all ministers and officers so are the
          Sri Vaishnavas by inferior gods.Hence When a Sri 
          Vaishnava worships other deities like Indra,Rudra
          Varuna etc,he is doing something inappropriate as
          well as ridiculous.It will only cause his downfall
          and ruin his chance of getting salvation.So Beware!
          So here the Rain God who has come to hear her command
          is told," Go to the middle region of the sea,drink
          the entire water leaving not a drop,then pour it out
          in its entirety without discriminating between the
          places where the good and bad live.The rain, which
          resembles the arrows shot by Sri Rama to shatter the
          demons to pieces, should instead bring forth happiness 
          and prosperity to the entire land."
          A Sri Vaishnava  is one who always thinks of everything
          good for everyone in this world.