In this stanza,from the two addresses in vocative case
         PEY PENNE! and NAYAKA PPENPILLAY! which are diametrically
         opposite in meaning,we are to understand that they are
         said out of love and affection for the sleeping girl.
         Whatever may be the apparent contradiction,the inner
         feeling is most important while moving with Sri Vaishna
         In the 6000-Padi commentary we find very interesting and 
         enlightening comments and to illustrate them an episode
         narrated with exquisite charm.Having woken up a handful
         of girls Andal could have proceeded on to Krishna.Why go
         to EVERY house ? If one is a Sri Vaishnava he should
         think of the welfare of ALL- not just a few.Not even a 
         single girl should lose the golden opportunity of getting
         the grace of Sri Krishna. A man's relationship with
         Sriman Narayana is true only if he rejoices at the good
         luck of another man as if it were his own son's.If
         he fails to feel that way he is no Sri vaishnava.
         ALKONDAVILLY JEEYAR,a sincere pupil of SRI RAMANUJA
         once met in Sri Rangam NANJEEYAR,the disciple of
         PARASARA BHATTAR.The former exclaimed," O Jeeyar!
         Really I have not developed a taste for Bhagavad
         Vishaya (i.e., God)." Nanjeeyar was amazed and asked
         "How is this possible? you are the faithful student
         of Sri Ramanuja,serving him assiduously - still  you
         say this ?" The former said," If a man has real taste
         for Bhagavan he must enjoy the sweet company of His
         devotees.If not he is no Sri Vaishnava.Have we
         developed that pleasurable attitude towards Sri
         Vaishnavas ? Hence I say so."
         Unless the meeting,mingling and deriving supreme
         satisfaction and happiness in the company of Bhagavatas
         are secured here in this world (which is the intensive
         training ground for our life in Sri Vaikuntha),the
         Moksha will not be delectable.NAMMAZHWAR says at the
         end of Tiruvaymozhi,"ADIYAARODU IRUNDAMAI". He aspired
         not for the mere union of the Lord but for the same
         in the company of His devotees,which alone would
         make it delectable.