This gopi is the sister of a cowherd who,unlike the
         duty-conscious one in the previous verse,totally
         neglects the daily duty of milking the young she-
         buffalo so as to be close to Krishna and serving Him.
         He is called NAR SELVAN ; thereby indicating that for
         a Srivaishnava it is not the doing or neglect of
         Nitya Karma which helps attaining salvation,but it
         is God alone who is the Means for salvation.For example
         for a temple priest who is always engaged in Antaranga
         Kainkarya there may be neglect of his daily duties;
         this would however not be considered as sin .
         MANATTUKKU INIYAN- Sri Rama,unlike Krishna brings joy
         to the minds of his devotees as well as adversaries.
         This is said by Andal,the very personification ofthe
         Love for Sri Krishna,and hence is the richest tribute
         paid to Sri Rama.It might be recalled that she,in
         NACHIYAR TIRUMOZHI goes to the extent of blaming Yashoda
         for bringing up Krishna to be a very bad boy.(Vembeyaaga
         valarthaale).It is not such an extraordinary thing or a
         great wonder if Sri Rama is loved by His devotees and
         subjects;but when even Ravana is fascinated by His
         valour,it makes the derivation of His name apt
         (Ranjaneeyasya Vikramaih).
         SINATTINAAL - out of anger but without hatred.Rama had
         no hatred towards Ravana.Actually He wanted Ravana as
         a devotee;it was Ravana's own hatred which caused his
         downfall.It was only when he tried attack Hanuman that
         Rama became furious and showered arrows on Ravana
         (kopasya Vasameyivaan).So He is always ready to forgive
         sins against Himself but not against His devotees.

          A girl with bewitching eyes (PODARI KKANNINAAY) is
         woken up in this verse.She is of the view that Krishna
         will come to her fascinated by the beauty of her eyes.
         To add to this she is lying,brooding over Krishna's
         heroic exploits,in the bed formerly shared with Him
         and which still retains His fragrance.
         The statement in the previous verse that Sri Rama
         scored over Krishna in being "MANATHUKKU INIYAAN"
         created a sort of mutiny among the girls,some of
         whom disputed this by saying,"how can Rama be said to
         be the receptacle of all the virtues? Did He,like
         Krishna who acted as Pandavaduta,go as messenger for
         anyone?Didn't Krishna's charms allure even the sages?
         Even His mischievous pranks are meant for us only.
         Moreover Krishna is our husband and irrespective of
         how he treats us,it is not proper for us to praise
         another as being greater."
         Some mediators intervened and pointed out that both
         are the same Sriman Narayana,and so where is the
         cause for dispute.Thus reconciled the girls split
         into two halves each praising the glory of Krishna
         and Rama.This is the excellence of this verse.
         A gopi who is an expert orator and who is also chief
         among these girls is woken up.She had promised that
         she would get up before the rest and wake them up.
         She has conveniently forgotten all about it and is
         sleeping comfortably and peacefully.This is an unpardonable
         crime.But still her inclusion in the group is
         most essential as,with her silver tongue,she can
         easily subdue Krishna.Moreover it is essential that
         not a single girl loses His grace.If she were to sing
         of Krishna as He appears bearing the discus and conch
         He is sure to relent.
         Incidentally Andal tells us, " Use your tongue not
         merely for tasting delicious dishes,but for singing
         about the Lotus-eyed One.That was the main purpose
         for which it was gifted to you in the first place
         by God."

         This pasuram which brings out the caharacteristics of
         a SriVaishnava is considered to be the very essence
         of Tiruppavai by our Acharyas.
         The girl who is woken up begins to sing.
         1.YELLE ILANKILIYE -the implied sense is that the speech
         of the devotees is most welcome.
         2.INNAM URANGUDIYO -It is wrong to indulge in other things
         if the company of Bhagavatas is available.
         3.CHIL ENRU AZHAYENMIN - Not a single harsh word should
         be used with the Bhaktas.
         4.NANGAIMIR PODARGINREN - Devotees should be addressed
         5.VALLAI UN KATTURAIGAL - Even the chastisement by a
         Bhakta (which will always be constructive) should be
         accepted gratefully.
         mistakes as one's own is the hallmark of a Sri Vaishnava.
         For ex. Bharata holds himself responsible for Rama's
         7.OLLAI NEE PODAAY - Separation from devotees even for a
         second is unbearable.
         8.UNAKKENNA VERUDAYAI - The path laid down by one's
         ancestors is to be followed,not what is dictated by
         one's own mind.
         9.ELLAARUM PONDAARO PONDU ENNIKKOL- seeing a congregation of 
         devotees is the most desired fruit in this life.The enjoyment
         is  not complete even if one devotee is missing.Their sight 
         and touch are all contributory factors to one's enjoyment.
         10.VALLAANAI..etc - Singing His virtues,valour,victory etc
         are vital to a Sri Vaishnava as a means of pleasing other
         Srivaishnavas; as such it results in the service of
         These ten commandments (golden rules) are to be cherished
         as they constitute the acid test for testing whether one
         is really a Sri Vaishnava.
          Thus in ten pasurams Andal woke up girls of differing
         natures and thereby all the girls of Gokula were woken
         up and they all proceed to Sri Nandagopan's mansion and
         request the door keeper to let them in.
         Cowherd colonies in those days may have contained only
         huts and Nanda's mansion may be a big hut,without a 
         doorkeeper.And all this may be Andal's fertile imagination.
         But what she is doing is to tell us how one should enter
         a temple in Archavatara,and worship the Lord.Sri PARASARA
         BHATTAR in his SRI RANGARAJA STAVA lays down the procedure
         for temple entry based on this stanza.The door keepers
         are really our Acharyas.In our daily pooja we open the
         door of our 'koyil azhwar' (the box where the home idol
         is kept) by reciting the Acharya Parampara and finally
         this verse without fail.
         TUYOMAAY VANDOM - we have come with purity. What is
         the purity meant here ? Not the usual physical or even
         mental purity.The physical purity of cowherds is
         well known,say the commentators.The purity referred to
         here is the fact that they have come to do service to
         itself is the end (Swayam Purushaartha) and is not the
         means to an end.This point should be ever fixed in
         the heart of a Sri Vaishnava.

        Having entered Nandagopala's palace with the permission
        of the guards,the Gopis (Andal) wake up Nandagopa,yashoda,
        Krishna and Balarama,panegyrising their greatness.
        Nanda has placed his bed near the entrance for fear that
        the gopis,like Usha in the case of Aniruddha,may steal
        Krishna;especially as Krishna is more handsome than His
        grandson! Andal glorifies Nanda as a munificent donor of
        clothes,water and food; but we do not come across any such
        reference elsewhere.The commentator says:"As Krishna was
        seen  giving clothes to Draupadi to save her modesty;water
        to the chariot horses at Kurukshetra;and food to his
        boyhood companions in the forest - it could be presumed
        that his qualities were inherited from His father."
        But the gopis are not here for these items; they need only
        Krishna (VAASUDEVAH SARVAM).Yashoda gave birth to Krishna
        only to make Him their husband; and being a woman she
        knows their plight.So they next wake her up.
        Sri Krishna in his past incarnation as Trivikrama had
        obtained Indra's kingdom for him.But the gopis do not
        want Him to do any such thing for them.It is enough
        if He allows them to do service to Him.Krishna does
        not respond.
        Realising their mistake in not approaching Him through
        Balarama,they do so now and ask him to help them as he
        had once done in the case of the gopis separated from
        Krishna when He went to Mathura.


        This is a very important pasuram.Even after waking up
        all from Nanda to Balarama,when Krishna does not open
        His lips,they realise their folly in not waking up
        first NAPPINNAI,the chief queen and Purushakara (recom-
        mending authority) during His sojourn in this world
        as Krishna.They do it in this verse.
        Nappinnai is Sri NEELA DEVI,the other two being SRI
        DEVI (Rukmini) and BHOO DEVI (Satyabhama).Nappinnai's
        name is not found  anywhere in the Puranas and in
        Sanskrit poems except in SRI YADAVABHYUDAYAM of Sri
        DESIKA,where she is referred to as Neela; and in the
        stotras of Sri KURATTAZHWAN.See also  the "Taniyan"
        of Sri Andal -"NEELA TUNGA..." by Sri PARASARA BHATTAR.
        As we are sinners and the Lord is known for His "Swaa-
        tantrya" (acting according to His own will),it is
        necessary to approach Him through somebody who is very
        near and dear to Him and whose advice is infallible.
        Hence Nappinnai's intervention is is essential.
        She is addressed as Nanda's daughter-in-law,because she
        thinks that that is what gives her prestige and status
        in society.Sita,when asked by Hanuman said," I'm the
        daughter-in-law of Dasaratha first,and then only the
        daughter of Janaka." So to an Indian woman Andal's
        exhortation is: "After marriage a girl should always
        prefer herself to be referred to as the daughter-in-
        law of her father-in-law; which means that the welfare
        of her husband's family should weigh more with her
        than that of the family of her origin.This attitude
        would enhance her own prestige and bring immense joy 
        to her own family."
        This pasuram was the special favourite of our Acharya
        Sri Ramanuja.He was in the habit reciting to himself
        Tiruppavai stanzas while he went for his Maadhukara
        Vritti (for collecting the alms the householders used
        to give) .Once just as he reached the door of his Guru's
        house he was meditating on this verse.While the last
        line " SEERAAR VALAI OLIPPA etc " was on his lips the
        door opened to the clinking of the bangles of the
        daughter of his guru.Sri Ramanuja thought that it was
        Nappinnai herself who opened the door and overwhelmed
        with jubilation promptly prostrated himself before her.
        The terrified girl ran to her father and narrated the
        incident.The guru   TIRUKKOTTIYUR NAMBI exclaimed,
        "Jiya! were you reciting UNDU MADAKALIRU ? "
        What an understanding between the Teacher and the
        taught ! May that relationship save us all!.

        A chola king who was constructing one of the ramparts
        of the temple at Sri Rangam found that the beautiful
        circular design was being spoilt by the house of a disciple
        of KURATTAAZHWAN called PILLAI PILLAI AZHWAN,and ordered
        it to be demolished.Sri PARASARA BHATTAR adviced him against
        it explaining that it it is not his rampart but the
        mangalasaasana (PALLAANDU) of the  devotees which would
        ensure safety to the Lord; and also that demolishing the
        house of a SriVaishnava would be sure to bring down the
        wrath of God.But the king turned a deaf ear to this advice,
        and becoming furious caused trouble to Sri BHATTAR,as a
        result of which he had to leave for Tirukkoshtiyur.While
        he was suffering the grief of separation from Sri Rangam
        and the Lord,his disciple  NANJEEYAR requested him to
        compose a song in praise of ANDAL to mitigate his feeling
        of sorrow.There appeared from his lips the 'taniyan'
        "NEELA TUNGA etc",which is the essence of the present
        paasuram (KUTTU VILAKKU).
        NAPPINNAI is lying on the costly couch along with Krishna.
        The cot stands on four ivory bases,the ivory for which was
        obtained by Krishna by his valorous act of plucking the 
        four tusks from the murderous mighty elephant Kuvalayapida.
        Being the wife of a great hero she cannot get sleep anywhere
        else except on such a cot.The references to the various
        kinds of pleasures in this stanza is a suggestion by Andal
        that all gopis should get them in Sri Krishna's company
        and only for that reason Nappinnai is keeping company
        with Him."If you don't ensure this,you surely don't have
        mercy," Andal rebukes Nappinnai.



        Despite the rebuke, NAPPINNAI was moved to pity by the
        wailing of the Gopis and getting up approached the door
        to open it.Krishna thought," Nappinnai thinks that my devotees
        are her own just as I consider hers to be mine.Hence
        she should not open the door and get a good name ,leaving
        me out.It is I who should open it." So He came from 
        behind and lifting her up bodily threw her on the bed
        with Him.But the mutual touch was so pleasant to them
        that they promptly forgot all about themselves and the 
        poor Gopis.
        The inner meaning of this high drama,as given by the
        commentator is that there is a Divine Couple who are
        vying with each other to look after the welfare of all
        of us (souls).Hence we have no cause for concern at all.
        All we have to do is to accept their protection.
        Andal says to Sri Krishna in this stanza: "You have on
        several occasions in the past dispelled fear from the
        minds of the Devas and rescued them from the Asuras.
        Now by delaying in granting our boon you are going to
        lose all that hard-earned reputation as a saviour.Note
        also that we are not asking you to become the target
        of the weapons of a Hiranya or a Ravana.We merely want
        to see you get up from your bed and grant us the boon
        of serving you.We are ANANYA PRAYOJANA ADHIKARIs.

            NAPPINNAI opened the door and told the Gopis: "Know
          that I am one amongst you.Don't think I was keeping
          mum.I was just waiting for an opportunity to advocate
          your cause to the Lord.I will certainly accomplish 
          your end."
          So she joins them.The Gopis now eulogise the Lord:
          "Your father Nanda's prosperity is immeasurable;his
          cattle-wealth is endless.It is sufficient if you
          understand our distress."
          The phrases UTTRAMUDAYAAY etc have double meanings:
          UTTRAMUDAYAAY - 1) You are perfectly described in a
          holy Scripture called Veda,which is unshakable,is
          not of known authorship,permanent,flawless and is
          an Authority by itself. 2)You have a very strong
          determination not to abandon those who
          surrender to you(as you exhibited in the case of
          PERIYAAY- 1)Even those Vedas cannot fully describe 
          you as you possess an indescribable greatness.2)
          Even after doing everything for your devotees you
          think you have done nothing for them;and that what 
          you did  was your own personal work.This is your
          ULAGINIL TOTRAMAAY etc.. 1)Vedas are rendered trust-
          worthy by your incarnations as Rama,Krishna etc.
          You have shown your form even to the lowliest among
          the low in this world. 2)You have a predilection for
          your devotees;you show this by going as messenger for
          the Pandavas and acting as charioteer for Arjuna.So
          much so that your 'Aasrita-Pakshapaata' (undue predilection
          towards devotees) became evident even to enemies
          like Duryodhana and Sisupala.
          SUDARE -1)while the lustre of all the souls who take
          birth due to their good and bad deeds gets dimmer with
          each birth,your lustre (SUDAR) gets enhanced each time, as 
          your births are out of your Mercy (Kripa) for the distressed
          souls.2)By willingly subjecting yourself to slavery in
          respect of your devotees you enhance the lustre of your

        Sri Krishna enquires with the Gopis the reason for
        their visit; and they reply:
        O Lord! even though you know very well that we have
        approached you as refugees,having no one else to give
        us protection,you have not condescended to cast your
        nectarine glances on us.We are born of a family (of
        Azhwars) whose constant prayer is for your Grace and
        that you you should talk to them by moving your coral-
        like lips.We,like vanquished arrogant kings,have cast
        aside our ego and assembled under your bedstead in
        search of refuge.Our sole ambition is to be the target
        of your merciful eyes.Your enquiry regarding the purpose
        of our visit appears to be a new practice in your
        relations with us.Know that we,who should be always
        united with you,are today pining in separation.This
        situation,which appears to be due to some curse,can
        be modified only by your nectarine glance.It is only
        for this cool look that we have come to you and not
        for any other favour.So open your eyes slowly and
        steadily look at us."
        This is the very pathetic but gentle and sweet prayer
        of ANDAL to Sri Krishna which would melt even an
        adamantine heart.
        NOTE: Each limb of the Almighty is capable of nullifying
        the evil effect of a curse as can be seen in these cases:
        1.HIS FEET -Ahalya's curse by her husband
        2.HIS KNEES- Nala Kubara and Manigriva ,sons of Kubera
                     transformed into joined trees.
        3.HIS THIGHS - Madhu and Kaitabha who were crushed to
                       death by them
        4.HIS CHEST - Durvasa's curse on Indra,removed by Sridevi
                      who resides in His bosom
        5. Now HIS EYES -curse of separation in the case of ANDAL


        Sri Krishna felt sad on hearing this pathetic appeal from
        the Gopis who had come as refugees,when they were attendants
        of Nappinnai.He also recollected two similar incidents in His
        previous birth as Rama: 1)The Dandaka forest sages came and
        exhibited their bodies mutilated by the demons;and He had
        to apologise for His tardiness 2) When Vibhishana came to
        Him,He thought He alone was responsible for all the
        humiliations he had suffered at Ravana's hands.
        When this is His behaviour towards even men,what then to
        speak of women!So Sri Krishna consoled them and promised
        to do whatever they wanted.They request Him to stir out
        of His bedchamber with all splendour and grandeur.They
        had seen His sleeping posture,but now they want to see
        His grand gait as well as His sitting posture on His
        royal throne.(Ninravarum Irundavarum Kidandavarum).
        "Like a lion sleeping with a lioness in a mountain cave
        during the rainy season,you sleep with Nappinnai,being
        a jewel for Her bosom.Now O Lord,Awake and stride out".
        Krishna asked: " Do you want me to appear before you like
        Gopis replied : "We merely gave the simile of the lion
        to stress the fact that your greatness is natural to
        you,just as a lion cub even at birth is the king of
        the jungle and doesn't need any coronation.Further
        it is like calling you POOVAI PPOO VANNA when this
        comparison of your supreme bodily complexion to this
        flower's is unworthy and highly improper."
        UN KOYIL is noteworthy.In the 16th verse the Gopis said
        "NANDAGOPAN KOYIL" (Nanda's mansion).Now they say "Krishna's
        mansion".Strictly speaking to whom does it belong ? It
        belongs to both; just like the Hridaya Kamalam (heart of
        man) where both the soul and God reside;or like
        AZHWAR TIRUNAGARI which belongs to both Saint NAMMAZHWAR
        and the deity POLINDU NINRA BIRAAN.


      In days of yore Arjuna ordered Sri Krishna,on the holy
      battlefield of Kurukshetra,to park his chariot in between
      the array of the two armies and the charioteer did so.
      So also now the Gopis earnestly solicited Him to walk
      out and embellish the royal throne by occupying it.He
      did it.When He stirred out all the Gopis with Nappinnai
      followed Him with prayers for His safety (Mangalaasaa-
      sanam)and when He sat on the throne held His feet with
      their very tender hands and pressed them to their heart
      and eyes with veneration.They beheld quickly the change
      in hue (i.e., the feet became very red owing to the strain of
      walking and being pressed by their soft hands gently).
      This reminded them of Sri Krishna's former heroic feat
      of measuring the whole universe with His very delicate
      feet.They thought they were also as cruel-hearted as
      Indra and the devas who never thought about His tender-
      ness (Saukumaarya).
      That Andal is the very worthy daughter of Periyaazhwar
      is proved in this verse.She says: " O Lord! you measured
      this universe for the sake of Indra,who was intent on
      getting back his kingdom;while Bali was after fame.No one
      gave a thought to your tenderness;so we have come to
      pray that you must be free from all evils.
      Ravana was worse; he had neither the generosity nor the
      aesthetic sense of Bali.Just like entering a cave and
      waking up and fighting a wild beast you walked to Lanka
      and fought with him.Hence we are afraid for you.
      That was when you were 37 years of age.What about the
      asura who entered the cart which was there to protect
      you,at the time when you were an infant and unable to
      distinguish between friend and foe? So we fear all the
      more for that.
      Then two asuras assuming the guise of a calf and fruit
      tried to put an end to your life.They were hidden enemies.
      We fear that all the more.
      These were evil acts by your foes; but what about Indra for
      whom you strained every nerve ? He suddenly became an
      adversary, for the flimsy reason that you consumed his
      food, and rained stony rain for seven days.You lifted up
      the mountain and saved the entire Gokulam. Mangalam etc.."
      UN SEVAKAME - only your (Krishna's) heroic feat.But it 
      may be remarked  that in this paasuram Andal has sung
      the glory of Vamana,Rama and Krishna.However there is
      no contradiction here because they were all His own
      previous births.Similarly her father Sri Vishnuchitta
      sings of them all - "Varuga varuga inge Vamana nambi..
      kariya kuzhal..Kaakutta nambi etc." As Sri Nanjeeyar
      delectably puts it, "Both father and daughter had the
      habit of building dams after all the water had flown
      through to the sea."

      Lord Krishna after hearing their mangalaasaasana said
      with a melting heart and an affectionate tone: "O girls!
      By your birth (as the daughter of Periyaazhwaar) you are
      ever interested in my welfare and pray for that.You have
      all come here braving the biting cold and unmindful of 
      your health.Have you anything else on your mind except
      PARAI (accessories for the NONBU rite)?"
      Gopis replied: "We have come under the pretext of petitio-
      ning you for the accessories,but actually our request is
      for your Service only."
      Lord Krishna: " I may find it difficult to grant your
      request immediately.After all it is not all that simple.
      There may be so many impediments in the way."
      Gopis: " You were born as the son of Devaki and on the
      same night you became the son of Yasoda.To the former
      you gave the pleasure of giving birth to you(avataara-
      rasa), and to the latter the pleasure of enjoying your
      sport (leela-rasa).Having falsified Kamsa's evil intentions
      and you made them fall on his own head.All this you did 
      because of your love for your votaries.So nothing is
      impossible for you.You can do away with all obstructions.
      The only thing needed is that you should have the mind
      to bless us with your Service."

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